Wiza Phiri - Vocalist in Lansing, Michigan
the song says it all...
Wiza Phiri - Vocals
Lansing, Michigan
Wiza Phiri
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Instruments Vocals
Genres Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Rock
Influences Shell Shock Brigade, Method Man$, Eazy-E, Lil Wayne, Katie Chance Singer, Bassnectar, The PaperMate$, Common, Lady Gaga, Tay Zonday, The Cool Kids, Massive Attack, Three Six Mafia, B.o.B (rapper), Nicole Marie Music, Talib Kweli, Bun B, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Electric Light Orchestra, Kilo Slim, DEEBO MAC MUSIC, Skrillex, A Tribe Called Quest, Obie Trice, Mos Def, Alicia Keys, Razors Edge, Lyfe Jennings, South Park Mexican, Dumbfoundead
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