Dan Herman - Freeform Radio Broadcaster (Radio Crystal Blue) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Dan Herman
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Instruments Radio
Influences Letters VS. Numbers, George Cahill, Los Fabulocos, arjuna greist, TJ Rehmi, Thomas Hutchings, Hans York, Chris Holcombe, SUNDAY wilde, VK Lynne, Heather Edwards, Lesion, HuDost, the August Infinity, Peas & Carrots, Boy + Kite, Grégoire Maret, Led Zeppelin, ALEX NACKMAN, Chris Sotiri, The Aviation Orange, Mieka Pauley, Project Mercury, SWEETMEAT and the SILVERFISH, Barbara Kessler, Bettina Schelker, Around the World and Back, Matt Muldoon, Aline Vida, Mother Hen Promotions
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