Adam Moss - Violin/Fiddle in Brooklyn, New York
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Adam Moss
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Instruments Violin/Fiddle
Influences Jean Baptiste (Django) Reinhardt, Johnny Cash, Bon Iver, Django Porter, Billy Wylder, Brad Mehldau, Laurence Scudder, some say Leland, Anais Mitchell, John Coltrane, Danny Schmidt, Horse Feathers, 3 Penny Acre, The Bad Plus, Austin Family Jewels, Vermont Joy Parade, Jonathan Byrd, Townes Van Zandt, Hey Mama, Miles of Music Camp, The Defibulators, Stone Forest Ensemble, The Toy Hearts, Aaron Jonah Lewis, Amber Rubarth, Willie Nelson, Matt Flinner, Peter Mulvey, David Glaser, Dolly Parton
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