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Fandalism Talk
Talk about Fandalism. Feature requests, new features, and anything else relating to the site. By default, all new Fandalism members automatically follow this group.
Started by Philip Kaplan
Sick Drummer Videos
Post videos of the best drummers you can find on YouTube. All styles, all genres.
Started by Philip Kaplan
New York City Musicians
This is a group for musicians who live in or around New York City. As the group creator (and also the creator of Fandalism), NYC has a special place in my heart. I lived there for 8 years between 19... read more
Started by Philip Kaplan
Tampa Bay Area Musicians
Hi, I am nancy Burridge, a vocalist and I would like to meet other musicians who live in the Tampa bay area. We could do whatever we like with this group. I would like to meet all of you and hear what... read more
Started by Nancy Burridge
This group is intended to generate active discussions on how Fandalism could be improved. That includes what new ideas could be added, what existing things could be improved, and what things are just... read more
Started by Ole Cram
Introduce Yourself
Everyone in this group should take about: 1) Why they started playing 2) Who they play with, if anyone 3) What kind of shows you've played, and other experiences relating somehow to your music 4)... read more
Started by Philip Kaplan
Songwriters- Circle
A place for songwriters to gather and discuss anything to do with the art of songwriting ...including things such as recording techniques, collaborations, methods of writing, and even writers block. ... read more
Started by Jason Mark Yates
Fandalism provides an avenue to hear great artists from around the world The membership is growing so fast that sometimes we may miss talent here. What a great way to put out those unnoticed musicians... read more
Started by Venus Panthar
Here you can direct the groups followers to the musicians that make a big Impression on you... It is easy to spot somebody that nobody else has seen yet and just move on and not be able to tell anyone... read more
Started by Stephen Cardiff
Acoustic Chat
Acoustic music is still the closest to my heart and I never tire of hearing the sound of an acoustic guitar being played...
Making Money With Music
How do you make money in the music industry. Sign with a major record label, make an album and go platinum! Well we won't all do that so what are the ways you can make money in this industry? E... read more
Started by Nancy Burridge
The Vocal Instrument
For all us musicians who use their vocal chords as an instrument, this group is for singers around the globe. Share your vocal tips and tricks, anecdotes, remedies, thoughts, ideas, and anything else ... read more
This group is intended to answer questions about how the site works.
Started by Ole Cram
Lets talk about different idea that might improve Fansalism. New features, new policies, to designs, new events, whatever..!
Started by Philip Kaplan
Who do you like on Fandalism Who play all the instruments on their songs and record playing all instruments ,One man Band or members who play different instruments in their songs.
Started by Keith Adkins