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Geoffrey Bennett - Guitar
ARIZONA TOUR - HD holiday snaps with a difference. My travelblog
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Recently some of my friends have been sharing great train songs. I too love these songs, just as I love train journeys. Most of the train songs are narratives either about the train or the engineer often ending in some form of tragedy. Recently the train I was on was held up after a suicide on the line. It was quite a strange and sad experience which made me realise that every train driver must have a story that is embedded in his mind and haunts his dreams. This not the story I want to relate here. The most enjoyable journey to date was two days travelling between Jasper and Vancouver in Canada. I collected photographs of that wonderful experience and thought this song would be an opportunity to tell my story with illustrations so take your seats for a far from rocky ride on the Rocky Mountaineer. Just call the steward if you wish for refreshments as we go along. I love Canada!
Geoffrey Bennett - Guitar/songwriter/banjo
Chester, Cheshire
FREIGHT TRAIN - Elizabeth Cotten.avi This is my second rendition of this American folk song. I had thought it was by Alan Jackson but I since read that it was written by Elizabeth Cotton who had a unique style of playing. In true folk song style I have altered a few verses and left out a lot. I like the song because I like trains but also because it has a wonderful rhythm to it which I have tried to accentuate with the keyboard. I also love the great train whistle effect you can get from the harmonica. I suppose you could call this a prequel to the 'Rocky Mountaineer' but this train is far less salubrious. I had considered leaping off at the end but old age and arthritis put paid to that idea, not to mention the clause in my Public Liability and Insurance cover which precludes leaps into the unknown. Bon voyage
Geoffrey Bennett - Guitar
Chester, Cheshire
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