Martin Filiatrault - Drummer in Clarkston, Michigan
The Dan Frost Confluence at the State Theater in Red Bluff, CA... one of my better performances... back in the day...
Martin Filiatrault - Drums
Clarkston, Michigan
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Instruments Drums
Influences Kevin Kern, JoyRide, Greg Nagy Band, Johnny A., Heather Jones & Jones'n, Led Zeppelin, The Rhythmatiks, Steve Smith, Holly Bernt Music, Jim Campilongo, The Jerry Ross Band, Dave Hamilton {band}, Charlie Hunter, Nancy Sirianni, Kevin Eubanks "Official Page", Christopher Leigh Band, Howard Glazer Music, The Jam Society, Front Street Blues Band, Kirk Covington, John McLaughlin, Tapped, Lemon James, Terry Chambers, Jeff Beck, The MC5, Victor Wooten, Casey Driessen, Kari David, Bobby Murray
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