Frank Carroll - Guitarist in Marco Island, Florida
Frank Carroll hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
Frank Carroll
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Instruments Guitar
Influences Luther Vandross, Messenjah Selah, LA CASA DO CANTO, abdou day, Light Soljah, Quincy Jones, Future Entertainment, George Benson, Sarah J Fox, The Royal Family of reggae Morgan Heritage, 50 Cent, Buddy Guy, Garnett Silk, Don Carlos Reggae, Peter Frampton, Prezident Brown, Miss Muffin, Sun Tan, 1814, Drake, William "Bootsy" Collins, Sally Greenwood, Taylor Swift, Thievery Corporation, D.J. Payne, James Burton, Willie Nelson, Lady Saw - Queen of the Dancehall, Cj Priest, Tanya Mullings
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