Amelia Hogan - Vocalist in San Francisco, California
A Stor Mo Chroi as sung at Pantheacon 2012
Amelia Hogan - Vocals
San Francisco, California
Amelia Hogan
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Instruments Vocals, Lap-Harp
Influences Jack Tempchin, FAUN 'Official', The Wet Spots, Land of the Blind, Alicia Keys, Boiled In Lead, We Like Peter Alsop, June Tabor, Paddy Maloney, John Doyle, Three Mile Stone, Dar Williams, The Rolling Stones, Joan Baez, Stellamara, Frédéric Chopin, Primus, Typhoid Mary X | Edmonton, Unwoman, Dan Connolly, Julie Woods, Eartha Kitt, Brass Menažeri Balkan Brass Band, Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson, Emilie Autumn, Plough and Stars Seisiún Recordings, Pentangle, Willie Nelson, Beltain, Sabrina & Craig
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