Mykill Von Pagan - Bass
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PAGAN HOLIDAY 1313 ~ Sex, Drugs, Formaldehyde
Mykill Von Pagan - Bass
Erlanger, Kentucky
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Instruments Bass
Influences Spires of Altum, Dirty Penny, UT, Vaudeville Freud, Sick Of It All, RJ The Metal KJ / DJ, Skeletone Surf Group, Dropkick Murphys, Alice Cooper, Primus, King Diamond, DAMN DICE, White Zombie, Official Nikki Sixx, The 69 Eyes, Bill Steer, DIEMONSTERDIE | Salt Lake City, Jamey Rottencorpse and The Rising Dead, GG Allin, SKULL DAZE, Ludwig van Beethoven, Napalm Death, Behemoth, RATT, Dirty Danzig, Twisted Sister, MADBALL, FBS, Creature Feature, Headstone Hollow
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