Dj Maru - Dj in Torino, Italy
DJ MARU hasn't uploaded any music yet. Sup with that.
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Location Torino, Italy
Instruments Dj
Influences Gackt France, J. S. BACH, Mana Sama, ALSDEAD, The Ramones, The Doors, Fest Vainqueur Fan Page, LM.C Official, LUNA SEA official facebook, Dire Straits, Icon X, BABYMETAL, VAMPS, Keisho OHNO|大野敬正, Kylie Minogue, PIXIES, ジグラット (Ziggrat), Gwen Stefani, Mr. Ziggy and the GlassSpiders, Penicillin, Ozzy Osbourne, Reila - The GazettE, Van Halen, RENTRER EN SOI, The Cure, fade_tokyo, Eternity Stands Still, We are X Japan, Kouji Ohsumi, Miko Exist Trace
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