Curt Christian - Guitar Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals - RhythMethod in person 1998
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Curt Christian - Guitar Synthesizer, Guitar, Vocals
RhythMethod in person 1998
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Utopia- a second snappy tune from Rhythm Method written by Steven Pierce. Greg Guidi on Bass, Myself on Guitar/ Guitar Synthesizer/ Vocal 2, Steve Pierce all Midi/Keyboard/Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal. A fairly political piece and intricate like all of Steve's creations - these have been shared with a rare few so far, hope you enjoy !! (you'll have to listen close to catch Steve's deep messages - this was digitized from an analog master ( hint - one line is - "Taming of The Shrew with every bite" )
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Curt Christian - Guitar/guitar synthesizer/vocals
Klamath Falls, Oregon
With the Dayton Street Band for "Street Of Mind" not yet released - this was created out of having enough of Boy George, Culture Club and the like. ROCK - Drums By Chris Garrett, psychedelic lead part by Bob Nicolas, Dayton Street Band on backing vocals, I perform all other parts (no one else to blame ! LOL !!)
Curt Christian - Guitar/vocals
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Rhythm Method - 3 piece midi band from 1996 - Recall by Steven Pierce who performs all keyboards, midi programming/sequencing, rhythm guitar, backing vocal .....Greg Guidi on bass. A new tune recorded in one take (Steve said "think Black Hole Sun at the first part of the lead" before we recorded - gave it my best shot on te fly - you'll be the judge - don't think I quite made it !! Just about as "modern" as I ever got......
Received lots of comments & props
Curt Christian - Guitar/guitar synth/vocals
Klamath Falls, Oregon
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